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12. Feb 2018
I like to cook with a large and deep pan that could pass as a western version of a wok. It's a very convenient way of cooking because I only have a small two plate stove.
Here, only the best of my woks. But all my wok pictures in the wok album.


> 鑊
> Freestyle wok
> Who needs recipes anyway?
> Yes, I bought it at Ikea
> I worry about the handle. It's not exactly tight anymore
> Yes, I know proper woks have a rounded bottom
> Always promises interesting visuals
> Cook, Serve, (sometimes) Delicious!
> The wok takes up too much space and the stove, so rice after wok
> Living the WOKe life
> Living the dangerous life
> Not so long ago I dropped the glass top of my wok and it shattered to dozens of shards