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1880 days ago
Elstar is currently my favorite apple for my morning cereal. Not that easy finding an apple that fits one's specific needs!
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1882 days ago
Beetroot is a fantastic under-valued vegetable. Cheap, delicious and soo red (as is my kitchen now).
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1883 days ago
Rave Tapes by Mogwai is fantastic. Probably my favorite album right now.
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1888 days ago
This day was off. Everything just .. off! Not cool! But then I studied 30 minutes of Go on my new board and I feel soo much better now. Placing glass stone on a wooden board over and over again. Relaxing ~
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1891 days ago
Math lecture from 16-18:00 on a monday (or any day really) is just a bad idea.
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1894 days ago
Finally got my first real-life Go set. Even though it's not high quality I'm quite happy with it.
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1895 days ago
Complex numbers always give me a huge headache. Math stackexchange to the rescue!
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1896 days ago
Hurray! I finally managed to implement drivel and deploy it :)
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