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1300 days ago
Today is the ... ... a ... day.
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1303 days ago
Math now. Oh god I am totally not motivated. But I have to. Have to!
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1304 days ago
PoE is still keeping my interest. A solid game for sure.
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1306 days ago
Tomorrow is the last day of do-nothing-of-value-at-all. Then math and work!
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1308 days ago
Well, I killed off my character in PoE unexpectedly. Probably for the best because now I don't play PoE all the time!
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1308 days ago
To celebrate the holidays I played a lot of Path of Exile the last four days. Now slowing down a bit to avoid burn out and get to some other stuff!
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1313 days ago
Today I finished the last homework assignment before the holiday break yey! Tomorrow I will go to my parents' and relax for some days. I also plan to finish the rest of the Sequences series, finally.
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1315 days ago
Nym - We are the Haunted is an amazing song. I declare it song of the second last week of 2015!
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1317 days ago
> Okay, I will stay until the 23rd in Munich and study/work like a grown-up would.
> Hmm, but I don't really have to stay for Tue/Wed though.
> Hmmm, but I could cram all my study-stuff into this week, skip work on Friday and go home that day.
~ yep
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1324 days ago
Note to self: When teaching a class talk slowly and in a calm fashion.
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