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1285 days ago
Interesting evening in EVE: Found 2 (!) Superior Sleeper Caches, but only got to do a total of 2 rooms, because, apparently, they despawn pretty quickly if you cloak up in them.
Also got a 4/10 unrated drone escalation (all 4 sites, yey). Lastly a 5/10 drone site in my home system, no escalation though.
All in all mediocre loot, but hey, fun times!
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1286 days ago
Well, could have been (much) better, but definitely could have been much worse! Not difficutl, but little time, as always.
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1286 days ago
Time is up. The Analysis 1 exam is here. I don't feel well prepared but I also don't feel badly prepared. Let's see how it goes!
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1288 days ago
For some stupid reason I can't remember the geometric series evaluation when I need it. So here in Bart style:
\[ \sum_{k=0}^\infty a x^k = \frac{a}{1-x} ~~\text{for}~~ |x| < 1 \]
\[ \sum_{k=0}^\infty a x^k = \frac{a}{1-x} ~~\text{for}~~ |x| < 1 \]
\[ \sum_{k=0}^\infty a x^k = \frac{a}{1-x} ~~\text{for}~~ |x| < 1 \]
\[ \sum_{k=0}^\infty a x^k = ~~~... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ \]
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1290 days ago
Good god I am playing way too much EVE and do way to little studying/work. Grrr EVE!
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1290 days ago
(Un)anchoring towers in lowsec while listening to The Glitch Mob and reading tweetfleet-slack. justEVEthings
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1292 days ago
So EVE for linux/wine broke with today's update. Not going to work at least until tomorrow after downtime. Perfect opportunity to study math for my exam .. right?
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1296 days ago
EVE is currently taking up all my Go time. I will continue with more serious Go study once my university exams are over and the EVE hype has (hopefully) faded bit.
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1302 days ago
EVE is such a great game. Beautiful and so much you can do. It's also preventing me from studying math which is a problem!
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1303 days ago
After almost half a year, I'm slowly coming back to EVE Online. Just in time for the exam period of course!
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