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1175 days ago
Why exactly are we sending/giving each other dying flowers? Better to give each other healthy flowers, potted!
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1176 days ago
Next in line: Discworld . I'm not sure if I can fully appreciate it but I will try!
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1177 days ago
Math is coming at me. Fast! Help!
In other news: Going back to Munich today.
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1179 days ago
Second PoE character died. Bears, bears, bears got him. Sadness!
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1181 days ago
Today is the ... ... a ... day.
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1184 days ago
Math now. Oh god I am totally not motivated. But I have to. Have to!
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1185 days ago
PoE is still keeping my interest. A solid game for sure.
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1187 days ago
Tomorrow is the last day of do-nothing-of-value-at-all. Then math and work!
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1188 days ago
Well, I killed off my character in PoE unexpectedly. Probably for the best because now I don't play PoE all the time!
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1189 days ago
To celebrate the holidays I played a lot of Path of Exile the last four days. Now slowing down a bit to avoid burn out and get to some other stuff!
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