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1172 days ago
Well AlphaGo just won Game 1 vs. Lee Sedol. Pretty devastating! Can he come back after that loss? I think it is going to be really hard psychologically and difficult to take even one game at this point for Lee Sedol. Sadness!
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1174 days ago
Yep that grid looks alright to me!
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1176 days ago
I actually got some work done. I'm a bit surprised!
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1178 days ago
Time to do some work! Powered by The Glitch Mob . Also: Big Path of Exile expansion coming up tomorrow and I think I will finally finish up the post for Hitchhiker's Guide Book 3.
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1179 days ago
Cold rain is pouring down outside and I'm here, inside, with a cup of tea!
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1184 days ago
I think I will try myself at reading G+E+B. Only got a German translation as of now, but still!
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1189 days ago
Tea in the afternoon makes everything better. Have a cup of tea!
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1193 days ago
Now that the Analysis 1 exam is done, I really should start with the Linear Algebra and Discrete Structures (LADS) which is due in 6 days. I really should ...
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1193 days ago
Interesting evening in EVE: Found 2 (!) Superior Sleeper Caches, but only got to do a total of 2 rooms, because, apparently, they despawn pretty quickly if you cloak up in them.
Also got a 4/10 unrated drone escalation (all 4 sites, yey). Lastly a 5/10 drone site in my home system, no escalation though.
All in all mediocre loot, but hey, fun times!
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1195 days ago
Well, could have been (much) better, but definitely could have been much worse! Not difficutl, but little time, as always.
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