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134 days ago
Finally my exams are over and done with for this summer. Sadly not all great but adequat for my purposes. To celebrate I spent an outragous amount of time to create the graphic below.
I've taken a good many exams in both computer science and pure math topics and I promise that this exaggerates reality only slightly.
I'm most comfortable with a workload of about 0.5, so needless to say a "decent grade" in a math lecture is a true rarity for me. *sniffle*
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145 days ago
I was lucky yesterday. A triplett fresh from the tree. The autumn version of a four-leaf (ehh, three-leaf) clover perhaps? Never mind ...
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149 days ago
Autumn has arrived. And with it tea season. Today: Sage tea to allay all my worries.
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151 days ago
It's always such a sad moment for me to realize - for the n-th time - that I ought to learn for the exam and not for the advancement of my own knowledge in order to get a semi-decent grade on my exam.
(These two approaches are not completely orthogonal but are far away from parallel, at least in my current situation)
Part of this sorry state is my own fault (lacking motivation and time investment), part of it is the deficient system that is university exams. I suppose a fine-grained evaluation of knowledge is infeasible at scale but still ... *sigh*
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160 days ago
This plant, permanent member of the kitchen, is more than 12 years old. A true ancient of potted plants.
Originally a plant in my elementary school class room, I accidentally dropped it during transfer from its school holiday hideaway (if I remember correctly) and the pot shattered. Instead of composting it I took it home.
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163 days ago
Trivial Insight. After listening to a Rationally Speaking episode on human memory, I (consciously) realize that memory is not at all like a continuous recording of what we experience.
I think it is very useful to keep in mind that most memories are (I believe) reconstructed from small pieces of actual sensory recordings. To make this reconstruction seemingly seamless (ha!) the brain uses bits and pieces of other information. By that I mean information that is temporally or spatially separate from it or only tangentially related.
For instance, I remember picking up amazingly large pine cones from the street during one of the many vacations I had in Italy as a child. There are other short events I can assign to this particular vacation as well. But as a whole, trying to remember this precise vacation of one or two weeks is difficult. All of my Italy vacations contribute to the memory.
This is one harmless example where it is evident how the memory of my "Italy Vacation with Pine Cones" is reconstructed using a few precise events plus all sorts of vague feelings and impression from many years of these kind of vacations. If you were to ask about details, like "was the weather good?" I would answer "yes as far as I remember" but I am admittedly not very confident because I generally experienced good weather during the vacations and I can't remember about the weather of that particular time.
What unnerves me is the following. This kind of reconstruction of memories is likely to sometimes use incorrect pieces of information and events might get over/under emphasized. All automatically by the design of how memory works, without the explicit realization that this is happening.
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167 days ago
Gah, studying probability theory is so frustrating. It's always tough to start in a new subject area but here I feel like too many things get conjured up out of thin air. Thorough explanations are very sparse in my course material.
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169 days ago
Cutting a pumpkin to pieces is a curious auditory experience! It is also terrifying because my (dull) knife cuts the pumpkin only under great exertion of force.
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176 days ago
Lemon juice is becoming the MVP of my cooking. I'm adding it to pretty much any stew, wok or curry I cook nowadays.
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178 days ago
Around this time last year I was half a world away. Feels less than real now, but the photos prove it.
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