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150 days ago
Ah, I missed my stripy duck.
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154 days ago
Best item I brought to this year's Herräng? A hot water bottle that I use on my neck/back before I got to sleep. Feels so nice and relaxing - the nights here are chilly.
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158 days ago
Herräng Herräng Herräng!
A friend told me about their discovery of Zwieback and brought this unusual food back to my mind. Memories from many years ago, eating Zwieback when I was little. Almost certainly not voluntarily, a child with a sick stomach being fed Zwieback because it is supposed to be easily digestible.
But now all grown up I can appreciate its existence once again. So here my short study of Zwieback.
[ ... ]
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184 days ago
Rababa, Rabarba, Rabarber, Rhababer. Wieso bist du nur so sauer?
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188 days ago
Hmm, I need to get more crunch done. Crunch mode is hard to get into. I'll keep trying.
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191 days ago
Tomorrow, summer crunch must start. It absolutely must.
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199 days ago
IFSC competition climbing and bouldering is surprisingly fun to watch.
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200 days ago
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204 days ago
The hip flexor (psoas major) stretch is the sweetest aching stretch right now.
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