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664 days ago
So just now I tried Dual 2-Back for the Dual N-Back exercise. Due to my slightly weak stomach and an unnecessary amount of black tea I feel a little dizzy and below-usual focused this morning.
Surprisingly I can consistently get above 80% accuracy on the Dual 2-Back with a slight tilt towards making more mistakes on the audio part (versus the visual positioning part).
The program now wants me to do Dual 3-Back as the next challenge but in this mode I am completely lost. Guessing based on hunches most of the time. Sometimes I can remember a partial sequence of 3 steps back. But overall far, far away from continuously updating the information in my working memory and making confident decisions.
My prediction is that I will not be able to make good progress towards Dual 4-Back anytime soon. But that's okay, I'm happy with how well the Dual 2-Back turned out.
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664 days ago
I was looking for a way to evaluate my concentration and focus on a regular basis and just tried Dual N-Back for the first time. So far I have only tested "Single 2-Back" and "Dual 1-Back" with pretty much 100 % accuracy (position / audio). Later I'll try the first challenging setting "Dual 2-Back".
Even in these first easy settings it was very interesting and surprising to see how I could observe myself losing and regain concentration and focus (especially in the 2-Back mode). I think: "Oh shit, I started to think about X just now - and what was the one two back again?". Haha, pretty funny actually.
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665 days ago
Dear Lufthansa. I like your flights and all but please fix your website and booking system. It's a pile of garbage. Just because my departure airport is in Sweden, that does not mean that I want all my prices to be displayed in SEK without an option to change back to €.
Also, the design and usability of the booking system is so dated and annoying. Maybe it's time to bring it up to date and make it consistent with the modern design of the homepage? Thanks!
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670 days ago
I love Ella but Blue Skies by Josephine Baker (1927) is my new favorite recording of that tune. The mood she creates with her voice - perfect for this melody and these lyrics. Wow!
Also: Her interpretation of Dinah is really cool! The four instrumental choruses right in the beginning are fantastic as well. Sweet version!
Just to be with Dinah Lee, lalalaiiiiiihh...
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670 days ago
Okay, okay, I promise I will not buy any more second-hand CDs until I listened and dealt with all the ones I have. Geee ...
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673 days ago
Trombone, Posaune, Trombone, Posaune, Trombone, Posaune. Die große Trompete.
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686 days ago
Ein Hagebutten Krapfen zum Faschings- Dienstag.
Sehr lecker und nicht zu süß. Hagebutte, mhja!
Some people start fasting from tomorrow on until Easter. Maybe I should try that myself for a change. Let see here ...
No meat and no fish - these are the classics. Hmhm. Maybe reduce the consumption of any animal products. Also, alcohol only in very moderate amounts. And then, well, I could refrain from excessive sugar and fat as well. Uhm, wait a second ...
In all seriousness though, I should be fasting time spent on the (stupid) internet. That would definitely do me some good.
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688 days ago
How often do people bite their tongue? Seems like I bite my tongue way too often.
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689 days ago
Thinking about how to store group multiplication tables efficiently. This means I want to write a sequence of natural numbers bounded by n to a plain text file (each number is contained exactly n times in this sequence).
Difference encoding does not seem very useful here because the sequence is most likely the opposite of locally constant. So no fancy encoding for now.
I did however try to figure out how many of the sequence entries take up full space, i.e. have the maximum amount of digits (base-16 encoded). Look at this pretty graph showing the fraction of maximal-digit numbers in relation to all possible number up to n.
As expected, the majority of values for n has a large relative number of maximal-digit numbers. But maybe it is still worth it to do space-separation and non-padded encoding (compared to a tight but padded-encoding). The cost of space-separation is n² but the cost of padded-encoding is much more tricky to calculate precisely. Hmm ...
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700 days ago
Ugh, math exams at the TUM. Time and time again I get frustrated by how much emphasis is put on being able to solve problems fast. Here an example:
Today's exam was for the course "algorithmic discrete mathematics". 5 questions in 60 minutes time with roughly the same amount of points each. That is 12 minutes per question. Let's assume the process of reading the problem and understanding what is to be done takes 3 minutes. Writing down the answer takes another 3 minutes if you have the solution worked out. That leaves only 6 minutes to work out a correct solution.
Knowing that you have very few minutes to come up with a solution creates a lot of pressure, especially if you read the problem and not immediately know the answer.
It punishes exploring multiple paths of reasoning and forces you to pick and follow one path of reasoning without room for error. If after 3 - 4 minutes of thinking you notice your path does not work out you are punished. If you want to double check your answer for errors you are punished. If you make a small mistake that requires a lot of re-writing the answer you are punished.
So these exams are a high-pressure, no-room-for-error situations which in my opinion do not evaluate ones knowledge of the subject matter very accurately. Even less so if you do not have a very good intuition when it comes to problem solving (in general), in other words you are not particularly "clever" or "quick of thought", which I am not particularly.
I would much prefer exams with slightly more complex questions but a much relaxed time constraint like I had in Sweden at the KTH. Or even better, graded homework and/or oral exams.
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