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109 days ago
Only today is 2018 really ending for me. The Christmas holiday always counts towards the old year and the holiday ends with today.
Time to (re)watch session 25 and 26 of Cowboy Bebop. The Real Folk Blues. I've been putting that off for too long and now is the time if there is any. *big sigh* :S
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110 days ago
The pro competition and showcase videos from The Snowball this year remind me once again that "more is not more" when it comes to dancing. When it comes to many things in fact. I'll try to keep that in mind!
My favorite clips: Maja & Felix and Helena Kanini Kiiru. I love the repeating elements in Helena's performance. So well executed. Just wow!
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115 days ago
Attack! (Happy Monday)
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119 days ago
For a change, I got to see the foggy fields from one meter up. Not bad at all.
Genau wie Kara Ben Nemsi, hoch auf seinem Araber Hengst Rih auf Verfolgungsjagt über ein Hochplateau im schnellstem Galopp. Naja, fast.
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124 days ago
Time to begin with my enormous Christmas holiday todo-list. Go, go!
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129 days ago
I knew about this fantastic clip but I forgot about it. This weekend I heard "Caldonia" played at a dance floor for the first time. What a hilarious tune! I want to do a choreo to that song including the little solo jazz routine from the end of the clip.
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132 days ago
Yesterday I spent some time in the "Lost Weekend". It is a sort of hip/alternative/vegan cafe catering mostly to students. Here is my report.
  • It is rather expensive
  • Due to the rustic (sorry, I mean hip) furniture it is neither cozy nor especially comfortable to sit. To give an example: They have wobbly wooden boxes as chairs
  • The music in the cafe is much too loud and distracting. It makes studying or working almost impossible and must be annoying during conversation
This interesting combination seems to attract chic and slightly snobby (sorry, I mean hip) students that seem to want to work or study there. However, close observation reveals that they really just sit there, idling about with their MacBooks and iPhones.
Not a surprise given the noisy environment. But now the mystery: Many people sit there with headphones or earbuds. What, the music is too annoying? Better blast my own music on top to drown it - that should contribute to a pleasant working environment.
What a curious cafe ...
What I was doing there? Well, I sat there in my Esprirt shirt, Uniqulo pants and Bugatti boots sipping my vegan cappuccino. I had some time to kill after getting my 30€ haircut earlier. I intended to work but somehow ended up staring into space the whole time thinking about witty comments to post on my twitter, ehh website.
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136 days ago
The last wok of the year. This one turned out really well with onions, carrots, potatoes, spinach and lentils.
I made a total of 17 woks this year - about one every three weeks on average. Not bad at all.
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140 days ago
Even after many, many years of mathematics and computer science it still messes with me that shifting an object towards more positive values requires a negative offset since not the object is shifted but the coordinate system. So simple and yet so irritating at the same time.
No, I did not just spend an hour to correctly position a rectangle on my screen - why do you ask?
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142 days ago
I just discovered a very entertaining version of "Flying Home" by Lionel Hampton (couldn't find it on YT). It makes me laugh!
Oh, and "Mojazz" from the same CD sounds cool too ... and I just bought the CD on ebay for a grand 1.99€. Funky Lionel, yes please!
Since I'm already on the topic of swing music. Here is a clip of the short "The Yacht Party" (1932) featuring "Dinah", one of my favorite melodies, with some, uhm, quite unbelievable (and absolutely amazing) jazz dance by Melissa Mason.
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