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75 days ago
The last wok of the year. This one turned out really well with onions, carrots, potatoes, spinach and lentils.
I made a total of 17 woks this year - about one every three weeks on average. Not bad at all.
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78 days ago
Even after many, many years of mathematics and computer science it still messes with me that shifting an object towards more positive values requires a negative offset since not the object is shifted but the coordinate system. So simple and yet so irritating at the same time.
No, I did not just spend an hour to correctly position a rectangle on my screen - why do you ask?
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80 days ago
I just discovered a very entertaining version of "Flying Home" by Lionel Hampton (couldn't find it on YT). It makes me laugh!
Oh, and "Mojazz" from the same CD sounds cool too ... and I just bought the CD on ebay for a grand 1.99€. Funky Lionel, yes please!
Since I'm already on the topic of swing music. Here is a clip of the short "The Yacht Party" (1932) featuring "Dinah", one of my favorite melodies, with some, uhm, quite unbelievable (and absolutely amazing) jazz dance by Melissa Mason.
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81 days ago
There is sunny weather and rainy weather and stormy weather. And then there is foggy weather. The best weather!
Last weekend: Winter fog. Cool and humid - proper fog indeed.
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86 days ago
Carlsen wins the rapid chess tiebreaks with a convincing 3-0. And with that I've had enough chess for the next 2 years. See you again in 2020, Magnus!
Okay, okay, maybe I'll make an exception for DrDrunkenstein et al.
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88 days ago
What? Carlsen offers a draw with the better position and Caruana in bad time troubles? Why? Ahhh! Why not play for the win? Should have gone for the win. Disappointing.
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88 days ago
My plan was to get some work done today, but Carlsen had something to say about that. What an exciting final game - Caruana under pressure, Carlsen playing for a match win with black? Oioioii ...
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89 days ago
Talking about German lyrics in popular music. AnnenMayKantereit is pretty much the only option?!
Wer fragt sich nicht ~ Marie, wo bist du?
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95 days ago
Damn it, I overcooked the pasta again.
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100 days ago
Say what you will about the Red Hot Chili Peppers but songs like Especially in Michigan make me want to pick up my guitar again.
I dig the solo in this particular song. The lyrics on the other hand ... what?
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