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240 days ago
Roter Mohn im grünen Feld.
Muss wohl eine Pestizid-resistente Art sein ...
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241 days ago
Strangely enough, I'm getting familiar with "plain old C" string processing. sscanf, strtok, strchr and so on. As powerful as sscanf and friends are ... it is quite uncomfortable. Strings as 0-terminated byte arrays is fiddley and just bleh!
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254 days ago
Minecraft is now 10 years old. What a long time that is. I still love this game, even though I rarely play it right now.
I have a very clear memory of trying to play the Java Applet Web version of the Minecraft beta on one of the six shitty PCs we had in our school library. It was barely possible. Back then it was a different life I suppose ...
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258 days ago
"Darum larum! Dann werd ich euch mal erzählen woher die Hip Hop Musik eigentlich kommt."
- Der Käpt'n
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261 days ago
This soundtrack has a very special place in my music collection. Such familiar and simple and calm tunes from a time long past but not yet completely gone.
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261 days ago
Maskros. It's Maskros in Swedish. mask + ros, well that makes much more sense. Not sure how I messed that up. I fixed it now.
But the rest is correct. Talking about Löwenzahn, my friend told me about this old animated film called Tanpopo. It seems to be somewhat of a classic and is well received. I'll try to get a hold of it and watch it.
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262 days ago
Pusteblume! Pusteblume Pusteblume Pusteblume. Die beste Blume! Aber gut, Löwenzahn ist auch nicht schlecht. Löwenzahn!
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262 days ago
I need to get more productive again. Hm, how to go about that? Maybe try
$ cd programming
$ stack new yesodtemplate yesod-sqlite
Let's see. I'll try my best.
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267 days ago
Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? I don't - but Louis is making a good case. Such a lovely melody.
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278 days ago
I should get back into graphics programming. This 4K demo (careful, rather loud music) is mind-blowing. Make sure you check out the outro starting at 5:37min.
Just for reference: A picture taken by my smartphone has a file size of ~4M(ega bytes). This short graphics demonstration program (called "a demo") needs 1000x less space than a single photo.
Or to make a different comparison: In the compiled form this program has a size equivalent to a 700 word plain text document. To output an eight minute sequence of many different visual effects including pretty cool music. Incredible!
Demos are the wild west of programming.
This floating rubble has ~150 words at a total of ~850 bytes. So my appreciation of this demo takes up 1/5th of the demo's entire size. That's like one and a half minutes of graphics and music - hmm. Also loop-y!
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