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112 days ago
My needs some (technical) updates badly. Maybe I can use the easter break to fix some of the many small issues and maybe even transition the whole backend to Yesod. That is going to be a major effort but Spock has been stagnating for more than a year now and I'm increasingly unhappy with the complicated, convoluted and undocumented type-system there.
Yesod looks like a proper business-grade framework that is actively developed. Probably worth the effort, yes.
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114 days ago
Learning a language by reading children's books is a joy. Every time
"Måtte gamarna äta mina torra ben och måtte jag aldrig mer äta glass om jag inte bevarar hemligheternas hemlighet."
pops up in my flashcard program I have to smile. And there are many other adorable sentences just like that. Mumin!
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115 days ago
After a couple of days of very short practice, the Dual 2-Back is now pretty consistently at 90% accuracy. But Dual 3-Back or even Audio 3-Back seems out of reach.
The Position 3-Back is much, much easier compared to the Audio 3-Back. This is because I can remember the patterns the moving square produces in my mind as a crutch. Keeping a constantly updating sequence of 3 letters in my mind is hard for me.
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117 days ago
So just now I tried Dual 2-Back for the Dual N-Back exercise. Due to my slightly weak stomach and an unnecessary amount of black tea I feel a little dizzy and below-usual focused this morning.
Surprisingly I can consistently get above 80% accuracy on the Dual 2-Back with a slight tilt towards making more mistakes on the audio part (versus the visual positioning part).
The program now wants me to do Dual 3-Back as the next challenge but in this mode I am completely lost. Guessing based on hunches most of the time. Sometimes I can remember a partial sequence of 3 steps back. But overall far, far away from continuously updating the information in my working memory and making confident decisions.
My prediction is that I will not be able to make good progress towards Dual 4-Back anytime soon. But that's okay, I'm happy with how well the Dual 2-Back turned out.
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118 days ago
I was looking for a way to evaluate my concentration and focus on a regular basis and just tried Dual N-Back for the first time. So far I have only tested "Single 2-Back" and "Dual 1-Back" with pretty much 100 % accuracy (position / audio). Later I'll try the first challenging setting "Dual 2-Back".
Even in these first easy settings it was very interesting and surprising to see how I could observe myself losing and regain concentration and focus (especially in the 2-Back mode). I think: "Oh shit, I started to think about X just now - and what was the one two back again?". Haha, pretty funny actually.
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118 days ago
Dear Lufthansa. I like your flights and all but please fix your website and booking system. It's a pile of garbage. Just because my departure airport is in Sweden, that does not mean that I want all my prices to be displayed in SEK without an option to change back to €.
Also, the design and usability of the booking system is so dated and annoying. Maybe it's time to bring it up to date and make it consistent with the modern design of the homepage? Thanks!
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123 days ago
I love Ella but Blue Skies by Josephine Baker (1927) is my new favorite recording of that tune. The mood she creates with her voice - perfect for this melody and these lyrics. Wow!
Also: Her interpretation of Dinah is really cool! The four instrumental choruses right in the beginning are fantastic as well. Sweet version!
Just to be with Dinah Lee, lalalaiiiiiihh...
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124 days ago
Okay, okay, I promise I will not buy any more second-hand CDs until I listened and dealt with all the ones I have. Geee ...
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127 days ago
Trombone, Posaune, Trombone, Posaune, Trombone, Posaune. Die große Trompete.
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140 days ago
Ein Hagebutten Krapfen zum Faschings- Dienstag.
Sehr lecker und nicht zu süß. Hagebutte, mhja!
Some people start fasting from tomorrow on until Easter. Maybe I should try that myself for a change. Let see here ...
No meat and no fish - these are the classics. Hmhm. Maybe reduce the consumption of any animal products. Also, alcohol only in very moderate amounts. And then, well, I could refrain from excessive sugar and fat as well. Uhm, wait a second ...
In all seriousness though, I should be fasting time spent on the (stupid) internet. That would definitely do me some good.
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