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37 days ago
After some struggle I finally finished "The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" by Neal Stephenson. After "Snow Crash" which I enjoyed very much it was a huge disappointment. Here a short subjective review.
The book is about 600 pages of moderately interesting SciFi with some compelling ideas like its take on nano-tech or VR. But as a novel it failed me completely. The story lacks focus and has no clear resolution of any sort. There are so many loose ends that seem entirely unresolvable (i.e. what could ever become of the "Mouse Army", what about "The Seed", what about Hackworth or his daughter)?
Moving on, the chapters concerning Nell and the primer were very repetitive and boring after a while. There was not a single character I could relate to or empathize with in the entire book. It read like a dragged-out Asimov story without a carefully thought-out story (like in the Foundation Triology). It seems to me that the plot of the story only serves the SciFi ideas and not itself (in contrast to Foundation). To me it felt very forced and arbitrary at times.
The last thing I want to mention is the over-the-top and entirely unnecessary sexual thing that is going on with "The Drummers". That irks me so much. Why? If you need transmission of particles ("nanosites") carried in the bloodstream, why not by some other means, like uhm, saliva or directly by an exchange of blood? Aiaiaii ...
"Snow Crash" was over-the-top as well but there the story, the characters and the setting supported it. "The Diamond Age" does not.
Final verdict: Very meh!
To recover the final book of the "Orient Zyklus" by Karl May is in order. Kara Ben Nemsi warte! Ich komme, ich komme ja schon zurück.
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44 days ago
I walk past this memorial almost every day. Sometimes it is adorned with a beautiful wreath.
Den Toten zur Ehre
Den Lebenden zur Mahnung
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46 days ago
"Good Morning Children, welcome to school."
Yep, that's what is happening right now. Children going back to school, ehh, university. Not much of a difference really.
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47 days ago
Only today is 2018 really ending for me. The Christmas holiday always counts towards the old year and the holiday ends with today.
Time to (re)watch session 25 and 26 of Cowboy Bebop. The Real Folk Blues. I've been putting that off for too long and now is the time if there is any. *big sigh* :S
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48 days ago
The pro competition and showcase videos from The Snowball this year remind me once again that "more is not more" when it comes to dancing. When it comes to many things in fact. I'll try to keep that in mind!
My favorite clips: Maja & Felix and Helena Kanini Kiiru. I love the repeating elements in Helena's performance. So well executed. Just wow!
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53 days ago
Attack! (Happy Monday)
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57 days ago
For a change, I got to see the foggy fields from one meter up. Not bad at all.
Genau wie Kara Ben Nemsi, hoch auf seinem Araber Hengst Rih auf Verfolgungsjagt über ein Hochplateau im schnellstem Galopp. Naja, fast.
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62 days ago
Time to begin with my enormous Christmas holiday todo-list. Go, go!
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67 days ago
I knew about this fantastic clip but I forgot about it. This weekend I heard "Caldonia" played at a dance floor for the first time. What a hilarious tune! I want to do a choreo to that song including the little solo jazz routine from the end of the clip.
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70 days ago
Yesterday I spent some time in the "Lost Weekend". It is a sort of hip/alternative/vegan cafe catering mostly to students. Here is my report.
  • It is rather expensive
  • Due to the rustic (sorry, I mean hip) furniture it is neither cozy nor especially comfortable to sit. To give an example: They have wobbly wooden boxes as chairs
  • The music in the cafe is much too loud and distracting. It makes studying or working almost impossible and must be annoying during conversation
This interesting combination seems to attract chic and slightly snobby (sorry, I mean hip) students that seem to want to work or study there. However, close observation reveals that they really just sit there, idling about with their MacBooks and iPhones.
Not a surprise given the noisy environment. But now the mystery: Many people sit there with headphones or earbuds. What, the music is too annoying? Better blast my own music on top to drown it - that should contribute to a pleasant working environment.
What a curious cafe ...
What I was doing there? Well, I sat there in my Esprirt shirt, Uniqulo pants and Bugatti boots sipping my vegan cappuccino. I had some time to kill after getting my 30€ haircut earlier. I intended to work but somehow ended up staring into space the whole time thinking about witty comments to post on my twitter, ehh website.
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