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2 days ago
Yesterday I started fiddling around with emscripten to see if it is suitable to develop OpenGL (ES 2.0) applications for both web and native OS.
So far I am impressed. Things work out of the box and the generated JS is really small (~100 KB) for my current test project.
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3 days ago
Patterns in sand and snow.
Winter please go away.
Suppose you flip a sequence of independent fair coins denoted by \( (Y_n)_{n\in\mathbb{N}} \in \{-1, 1\} \) such that \( P(Y_n = -1) = P(Y_n = 1) = \frac{1}{2} \) for all \( n \in \mathbb{N} \). With this setup we can construct random processes by adding elements of \( (Y_n)_{n\in\mathbb{N}} \) in various ways. This posts reviews two possibilities. The second is derived from a question on the exam of the lecture "Markov Chains" at the TUM.
[ ... ]
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8 days ago
I think that it is about time to re-watch Firefly. Yes, about time ..
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8 days ago
Tea, please work your magic on me!
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10 days ago
Following up my "waking up / getting out of bed" experiment from about 60 days ago:
Failure but not without merit. After about 30 days I relaxed the 8:00 quite a bit and usually got up between 8:00 and 9:00. However, I learned a valuable lesson. Missing more than 1 hour of sleep in order to adhere to the strict schedule is bad. I affects my mood and physical/mental abilities too much. Better make an exception and sleep enough than force the schedule.
Moving forward I will try to get out of bed between 8:00 - 8:30 on as many days as possible and compress my morning routine - waking up until ready to leave the apartment - to 1 hour.
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16 days ago
Aaand once again I feel like a complete beginner dancing Lindy Hop, flailing around, unable to control the ever more subtle moves. Frustrating. Nothing I can do but practice and continue failing until I don't.
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19 days ago
My my, awful delivery pizza. I was not aware how bad this type of food can make you feel. I'd much rather eat dry, stale bread than disgusting oily pieces of half-baked dough packed with cheap cheese.
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26 days ago
My phone tries to convince me that it has -12° C outside. Little bit late there winter, eh? Snow makes for some pretty scenery though.
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26 days ago
Another try with Fennel. Fennel fennel, Fenchel!
This time with Pfefferminze Krüll as per suggestion! Not bad, not bad at all.