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1 day ago
I am still held up by finishing the live-preview of latex code in my parseck_js library. The fact that the intermediate representation of latex code and output HTML does not match 1:1 introduces so much complexity.
One example that caused me some pain is the handling of empty latex-blocks. Another one is the re-evaluation and deletion+insertion of spacing HTML elements. Lots of corner-cases on top. Meh.
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4 days ago
Wow I and my body are tired. Waking up "on time" was alright though. A nap will be in order today.
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10 days ago
And so ends the Christmas holiday for me. I had a good time, with - say - unusual January weather.
On into the new year!
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10 days ago
For the next 60 days (until March 9th) I will try my best to be out of bed by 7:30. I believe that there will be a notable benefit to the quality of sleep and the quality of my mornings. Generally, I am aiming for an average of 8 hours of sleep per night, thus lights-out around 23:30.
I am not certain about what to do when I come home late meaning lights-out later than 0:00 (or less than an acceptable 7.5 hours of sleep). This will happen occasionally: I estimate once every 10 days. Accept tiredness on the following day or accept an interruption in the schedule?
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14 days ago
Yes, the new build system is paying off already. So much easier and faster to deploy new versions. This makes frequent incremental updates possible. Great!
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16 days ago
After struggeling with docker and bash scripting I finally got a new build system for this website. Separate docker images + containers for building and running. Probably worth it? Hopefully.
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18 days ago
Even though it is not completely ready, the new elfeck.com is moved out of testing and reachable under the proper domain. yey
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18 days ago
My backend deployment stack is giving me a hard time once again. Due to the nginx proxy I run for SSL I cannot access the request-IP directly. Let's hope X-Real-IP works out of the box.
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22 days ago
Well, seems like I found the crucial piece of information to fix my stupid problem. Here for future reference: stack build fPIC recompilation error.
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22 days ago
Every single time I update ghc and/or cabal and/or stack on my machine I come to regret it. Stuff breaks in non-trival ways and I see no feasable way forward other than trial-and-error until it magically resolves itself. Why must the tooling for haskell be this obfuscated and annoying.