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379 days ago
Uff uff.
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389 days ago
Cold peppermint tea. Pfefferminz Krüll!
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393 days ago
Das Gras gelb, die Bäume und Stäucher braun und kahl, säumen den Schotterweg. Regenpfützen spiegeln den grau-blauen Himmel. Die kalte, frische Luft atmet sich leicht und doch nicht so leicht. Ich laufe ...
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426 days ago
I was planning to build the next version of my website with Yesod. But after a couple of hours of investigation it seems way too bloated and complicated. My website does not need complicated abstractions, at least I think so.
So instead I am considering using warp without anything on top. I'm pretty sure writing boilerplate is going to be less painful than bending Yesod's abstractions to my will.
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450 days ago
Wow, I'm glad and impressed that Swedish television SVT has their historic drama series "Vår tid är nu" freely accessible on their website. And not restricted to Swedish IPs. Plus Swedish subtitles!
It's very much along the lines of "Babylon Berlin". The production seems equally high-quality.
An hour of Swedish per episode to keep my Swedish from fading away while I don't use it. Awesome!
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466 days ago
Parental Advisory Explicit Content. Blackstar ft. Common bringing to you the hip-hop beats from another century.
No guns, no fancy cars, no half-naked girls. Why can't they make music videos like that anymore? And pretty good editing too.
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482 days ago
When it's about Jazz and Swing I'm all for the classics and not at all for the pop. But this .. this Chloe Feoranzo and her clarinet. Can't disagree with it.
Here the original Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol for comparison. But Chloe is much more charming if you ask me.
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493 days ago
Black tea around 4pm makes everything better.
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506 days ago
It's time. It's time for the re-re-watch of the one and only. Cowboy Bebop.
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519 days ago
There is something about villains falling to their death, isn't there Herr May?
Santer, du gräßlichster aller Halunken, mögest du immer fort an deinem geraubten Gold ersticken.
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