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2 days ago
Tonight's lindy hop practice was a battle for survival. For some reason I've been rather exhausted recently and 90 minutes of choreo practice plus 90 minutes of double bug was a killer for my tired mind. Double bug is a fun challenge though!
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8 days ago
Ahh, finally I'm reading Karl May again. Let's see what Kara Ben Nemsi is up to next in "Von Bagdad nach Stambul".
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15 days ago
"Why? Because nothing ever happens. - Nothing? - Well, nothing good. - So what's good?" Good question! But things could be worse indeed.
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17 days ago
Bob Dylan - Hurricane, buried in my mind for a long time. Curiously Tom Waits excavated it just now.
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20 days ago
One of the exciting things on my trip to Kamptal in Austria were the many walnut trees. I've never seen a concentration of wild growing walnut trees this high. It must have been more than 50 during those few hours - amazing!
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25 days ago
It's always much fun to set out to get some work done and then spend hours fixing the tooling. Gah!
This time it was setting up a javascript linter in emacs. Somehow the emacs update broke my old setup - my, my. I should continue flirting with NeoVim, maybe it'll lead to a less abusive relationship.
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27 days ago
"Every night why do I shake with fright?
Cause my Dinah might change her mind babadibnnnee."
I love this Louis Armstrong recording so much. Dynamite!
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29 days ago
"Now the Lord made a whale, long and wide - Lord, Lord waddnat a fish!" A fish? Or a whale? Hmm.
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32 days ago
In mathematics it is useful to drop an assumption for a theorem and see (if and) how it fails, i.e. find examples for which the theorem no longer holds.
Sadly often the only such examples have no immediate connection to the particular proof of the theorem and do not explicitly exhibit shortcomings in the proof induced by the missing assumption.
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34 days ago
Ah, I missed my stripy duck.
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