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I do programming for a living, I do programming as a hobby.

My Tech

  • At the moment I like to use Haskell, ES6 and (plain) C for my personal projects
  • For work, I mostly use Python and Javascrit. I used C++ in the past
  • On my Thinkpad X230 I am running Arch Linux and program with GNU Emacs
  • For my server needs I rely on Hetzner

My Projects

At the moment this website is my main project. I work on improving my Latex editing environment, static resource management and other backend features such as latex-to-pdf exports of all my written content. The source code for both frontend and backend is available in my Lab.
My other two semi-inactive projects are asocgen, a program for exploring finite group theory in a computational efficient way and whyiliketrees, a WebGL demo project.

Ideas for new Programming Projects

In no particular order
  • SGF-editor for Go games integrated in this website
  • Visualization of roots of polynomials over finite fields or rings
  • Exploration of genetic algorithms in the context of plants with nice visuals in WebGL
  • Rendering graphics with math, similar to what Inigo Quilez is doing