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While living in Stockholm in 2015 I started dancing Lindy Hop. Some years later, I still enjoy dancing to swing music, mainly Lindy Hop, but also some Balboa, Solo Jazz and a bit of Collegiate Shag.

Thoughts on Dancing

I dance because it is fun. It is a way to express myself. Also, dancing is a way to connect with other people - not by talking or writing but by moving together.
Dancing also is a kind of sport to me. I go to classes and do training to get better at it. It is something I am ambitious about. Not quite to the point of competing with others, but sometimes it goes in that direction.
Sometimes dancing is also about showing off. Showing others what I can do, how I interpret the music. Solo Jazz is a good outlet for that and so are show performances. It has little place elsewhere.
For me the crucial part of dancing is the music. I really do enjoy swing music for dancing and this is a necessity. Swing and jazz music makes me want to move, to dance. Some people say partner dances are all about dancing with your partner. I think dancing is about both my partner and the music. It is an act of balance, dancing to the music and dancing with my partner.