Hi. This is my personal webpage. Elfeck is the German word for a polygon with eleven vertices. You may find all sorts of things here.

What you can find here

Most of what you can find here anyway.

About me

My name is Sebastian. Also,
  • I study mathematics at the TUM. Until recently I also worked part-time in the software industry.
  • I like programming, especially the functional kind.
  • I dance to Swing Music, mostly Lindy Hop, Balboa and Solo Jazz.
  • I read a lot of fiction. I enjoy science fiction.
  • Occasionally I play Go, Minecraft and MTG.
  • My favorite show of the last few years is Cowboy Bebop. I should re-watch it. Again.

Contact and License

To reach me please write an email to
seb (at) elfeck (dot) com
If you intend to use any content on this website, please conform with the license.